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Moroccan Arabic Verb Dictionary

Hard bound dictionary with 748 pages, containing over 3500 main English verb entries and expressions with their corresponding up-to-date Moroccan Arabic verbs. For each verb there is a sentence to help clarify the context for accurate usage. All of the Arabic words in the dictionary are written in fully vowelled Arabic script. Price: 550 Dirham

Picture Dictionary

2000 words in English, Standard Arabic, French and German with expressive drawings. Price: 25 Dirham.


A play in Moroccan Arabic with Audio CD and richly illustrated, colorful booklet.

Humour & Culture

Insights into the Moroccan culture through jokes. By Matthew Helmke (in English). Currently not available.

Poster of Tifinagh Alphabet.

Currently not available.

T-Shirt with Arabic Alphabet

Black with green Print. High Quality Cotton, available in Sizes S-XL. 7,-- €. Currently not available.

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