Tamazight (or Berber) is the name of the language spoken by the original inhabitants of North Africa before the Arabs came. In Morocco there are 3 main Berber languages: one in the Rif mountains in the north of Morocco, one in the southwest of Morocco (from Marrakesh and Ouarzazate to the west), and one in central Morocco. At Amazighophon we are teaching the Tamazight of central Morocco (sometimes also known as Middle Atlas Tamazight).1

Our teachers are native speakers of this language with linguistic training in the grammar of their language as well as training in the use of pedagogical tools in order to teach this language in a fun, interesting, and effective way, with an emphasis on speaking. The teachers are trained to adapt the course materials to the specific needs of the students and to the regional variations that students may encounter.
The heart of the course is a practical and situational approach to the language. This makes the learning process faster and emphasizes the ability to communicate.

Our core Tamazight course is called Abrid, which means "road" or "way" in Tamazight. Abrid is a comprehensive, fully-integrated, practical course designed to get you to speak (and understand!) the Tamazight that is spoken in central Morocco, a vast area that includes the Middle Atlas mountains, parts of the High Atlas, and down into the Sahara east of Ouarzazate.
There are 4 levels to the course:

  • Abrid 1 Beginning
  • Abrid 2 Intermediate 1
  • Abrid 3 Intermediate 2
  • Abrid 4 Advanced

and the course is designed to be take an entire school year, although starting times are flexible. If you complete all 4 levels, you will have covered all the grammatical structures needed to say whatever you want to say in Tamazight. Each level has 2 textbooks: a Student Book and a Workbook, as well as oral material on CD. Nowhere else can you get such a practical approach to this language, supported by comprehensive, attractive, easy-to-understand, and fun-to-use textbooks. The workbooks help you review and practice what you learned in class, and they contain a treasure trove of dialogues, texts, proverbs, traditional riddles, poems, and listening material - all filled with useful expressions and cultural insights that are coordinated with each Abrid lesson.

The Atlas mountains are among the highest in Africa. In winter you might even go skiing in the High and Middle Atlas.

1 This area covers the Tamazight spoken in places like Khemissett, Meknès, Sefrou, Taza, Ifrane, Azrou, Khenifra, Beni Mellal, Azilal, Midelt, Rich, Imilchil, Errachidia, Merzouga, Goulmima, Tinjedad, Tineghir, Boulmane-Dadès, Skoura, Zagora, and all places in between.