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Batha: Bab BoujloudBatha: Bab Boujloud

Come to Fes for an Arabic Study Abroad program

You're enrolled in an Arabic program at a university, but you wish to do a full immersion program for a semester, a trimester, a month or even just two weeks. At Arabophon we offer you the opportunity to do just that.

Customize Your Learning to Your Own Needs

Arabophon’s study program is structured around your specific needs and desires. This is true for the amount of class hours you take as well as for the content of the class.

  • Full-Time or Part-Time

We consider 3 hours a day of class work a full-time study program as you will spend at least the same amount of time on preparation and homework. However, some students who only come for a short time want to get as many study hours in as possible, and choose for 4 or 4,5 hours. Others, who want to benefit more from the cultural and historical setting of the city of Fes and make visits and day trips, decide to study for only 1,5 hours per day. All of this is flexible.

  • Emphasis on Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation, Specific Areas of Interest

Yes, if you want we could simply just follow the course book and help you go through a couple of chapters. For those who come for a longer period, that may be the best way to go. But if you’re here only for a short period, you might be interested in advancing in a specific area of need. Whether you want to focus on conversational skills, or study a specific area of interest such as Media Arabic, Arabic literature and Islamic texts, or specific subjects such as the history or culture of Morocco. Some might want to take cooking lessons and learn how to cook some of the delicious Moroccan dishes.

  • Modern Standard Arabic and/or Moroccan Arabic

You have the option of studying Modern Standard Arabic or Moroccan Arabic, or a combination of both. For those who come specifically to study MSA, we still recommend a short course in Moroccan Arabic, since it will help them with daily conversations.

Full Immersion

Immerse fully into the Moroccan life through a homestay with a Moroccan family. You’ll be included in their family life, eat your meals with them, go on outings with them, and thus forced to speak and listen to Arabic the whole time. This will enhance your language study immeasurably and will also give you a great opportunity to get to know the culture from the inside.

Roman ruins of VolubilisRoman ruins of Volubilis

Cultural Outings

During your stay, you can visit museums, the old city of Fes which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, take day excursions to Volubilis, Meknes, some Berber villages in the Middle Atlas Mountains or visit the mesmerizing sand dunes in the desert and ride a camel.

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