Useful links

Below you will find links to sites that offer information and services related to Morocco. You can make your stay much more comfortable by doing some research before you leave your country. Browse through the sites and get an armchair perspective of Morocco before setting off.
The list is by no means complete, as we list only offers with which we ourselves had positive experiences.

Getting to Morocco

  • Skyscanner
    Find the cheapest flights to Morocco (incl. monthly overview of flights and prices)

  • FRS Fast Ferry to Tanger
    Reliable Ferry from Algeciras/Tarifa to Tanger

  • Royal Air Maroc
    National Airline, sometimes offers surprisingly cheap fares.

  • Ryanair
    Flies directly to Fes from a number of European airports.

Staying in Morocco

  • Fez riads
    Find a riad that suits your needs

Travelling in Morocco

Things to do in Morocco

Art, Crafts and Gifts


  • ArganShop
    Unique to Morocco this oil is appreciated in the fine cuisine for its nutty flavour.
    In cosmetics the oil is extracted from unroasted Argan-seeds. Your skin will never have met anything better..

  • Artisanal Treasures
    On-line shop for moroccan crafts and fossiles and for the Moroccan-Arabic Verb Dictionary