Moroccan Arabic

"Darijah", her name in Arabic, is a beautiful language, she carries all the flavours, smells and emotions of Morocco.
True, Arabs refer to her as a "Dialect" - with the same right with which one might call French or Spanish "dialects" of Latin. The problem with Arabic is that the language is so strongly linked to religion that it is not allowed to develop as freely as our languages do, therefore "Fossha" or the "true" international Arabic sometimes feels a bit artificial.

The dialects however live, change, evolve... I estimate that Moroccan Darijah shares over 80 % of her vocabulary with "Fossha", and is therefore a good starting point to learn any type of Arabic. The biggest challenge for foreign learners is memorization of vocabulary, and Darijah gives you the opportunities to learn all those words in a simpler grammatical framework, and use them every day with people.

Therefore we recommend, that even students of Fossha start with some Darijah - after all, if you went to Rome to study Latin, you would still want to know some Italian to order your Cappucino!

Even though Arabic with its different alphabet and sometimes difficult sounds, may give the impression to be a hard language to learn, the nice thing of Moroccan Arabic program is that already in the first week, you'll learn some words, expressions and dialogues that you can start using right away. Learning Arabic will be a joy, since progress will not be slow but clearly visible from the beginning. Together with learning the language, you will learn a lot about Moroccan culture. Not just because language and culture are closely linked together, but also because the dialogues and stories that we use to help you learn Arabic will tell you a lot about the culture. Studying at Arabophon therefore helps you both to be able to communicate with Moroccans as well as get a better understanding of them.