Student Page

New to Fes?

If you are new to Fes and don't know where to buy vegetables, where to rent a party dress, where to buy curtains and furnishings as well as where to find good restaurants perhaps this page can help you.

Arriving and settling into a new culture for any length of time can bring frustration when you don't know the language or customs. And not knowing where to eat or even where to find necessary items can bring overload. We would like to aid you in your new life here by highlighting shops and restaurants.

If you are taking classes at Arabophon and need a quick bite to eat before, between or after classes there are a few restaurants within close proximity to the school that we would recommend.

In addition to a very close hanut with bottled water, soft drinks and snacks, the Tulip Cafe is a nice little coffee shop a stone's throw from Arabophon. Just around the corner from the Tulip Cafe is the Cafe Pronto. This eating establishment is a little more upscale and offers good pannini, brochettes and decent pizza. Like most Moroccan restaurants it has great outdoor seating. A couple of blocks away you can enjoy the So Sweet Cafe with it's large variety of coffees and drinks, its great breakfast menu, good variety of sandwiches and ice cream. Did I mention it has great cold coffee drinks?

Restaurant of the Month

In addition to the fixed recommendations we would like to offer our Restaurant of the Month suggestion. This month we would like to highlight Restaurant Zagora. Located in Ville Nouvelle, 38 Avenue Mohammed V, this restaurant offers a menu filled with both traditional Moroccan cuisine as well as food with a European flair. The atmosphere is nice and the seating comfortable. The restaurant is a bit off the road and parking can be a challenge but the eating experience is worth the effort to get there.