The city of Fes

Learn Arabic in Fes

Fes is one of the four Imperial Cities, a gem of ancient arabic architecture and lifestyle. She is traditionally seen as the Spiritual and Scientific Capital of Morocco, and seat of the oldest islamic university. In Fes the work of Arabophon started in early 1999. And since that time students from all over the world have enjoyed living in this city with its special flair of Arab culture.

The new mayor of Fes refers to his city as a "sleeping princess" - and he is committed to wake her up. Major restoration work has started in the old "Medina" which is counted among the UNESCO's "World's Cultural Heritage Sites".
Foreigners are invited to invest in it, buy and restore old mansions in it. At the same time the western part of the town is getting re-organized, parks and green areas are getting replanted, to make it more spacious and welcoming.

It is true, the climate here is harsh, be prepared for very cold winters (the ski-fields of Ifrane are only 40 km away) and very hot summers. On the other hand, air humidity is generally low which makes both the heat and the cold more bearable. Some asthma sufferers found their problems alleviated in Fes. Several low-cost airlines fly directly to Fes from a number of European destinations.
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