Learn Arabic online


Wherever you are, you can book online sessions with our teachers. We will send you our worksheets in PDF format and you sit and talk with your teacher as if she or he were in the same room with you.
All you need is an internet connection, Skype installed on your computer, a headset and, preferably, a webcam.

The Arabophon Online program is an ideal solution for those who want to study Moroccan Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic but do not have the possibility to physically come to our classrooms. Usually our online classes are taught one-to-one so that teachers can tailor lessons to the needs of each individual student. However, it is possible to do a conference call and study in a small group, no matter where everyone involved is located.
By studying online you can benefit from the outstanding expertise of our teachers and break the barriers of travel.

Levels & Materials

Our online program uses the same material that we would use if you were physically present with us in the classroom, supplemented with material that we developed specifically for internet courses. As always, we are flexible to accommodate to specific wishes a student might have in regards to the content of the study.
If you join our program and have already taken some Arabic courses, we will give you an initial placement exam in order to place you at the appropriate level of study.

Enrollment for Online Courses

1. To join our program, please contact us at info@arabophon.com. Please include in your email any relevant information: previous Arabic studies, the number of hours you would like to study per week, the goals you hope to achieve.

2. We will set up a free placement test and trial session. This will give you a first experience with online classes and it will help us find out what your current level is.

3. Decide how many hours you would like to take initially. Our tuition fee is 110 Dirham per 45 minutes or 145 Dirham per 60 minutes. We recommend that students who take only 1 or 2 sessions per week, take sessions of 60 minutes. Because of the work involved in setting up a course, you need to sign up for at least 10 sessions at a time.
We guarantee that if for any technical reason (e.g. internet problems) the class cannot take place, or is interrupted, this class or partial class time will be made up. If you need to change a class because of a schedule conflict, let us know at least 48 hours prior to the class, and you will be credited with it.

4. Make your payment into our European bank account or through PayPal. You will get the bank information from our manager.

5. When we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you the study material in the form of PDF and JPG files and MP3 audio files.

6. We will finalize the class schedule. Please keep in mind that we are in timezone GMT. In Western Europe, apart from the UK, it is one hour later. Eastern Time US is 5 hours earlier.

7. Now you can start to learn Arabic online!