Arabic Language Study in Morocco

Learn the Arabic Language in Fes, Morocco

Arabic is nothing less than a true global language. Are you deterred from learning it by its unfamiliar script or complex grammar? We would love to show you that Arabic is a very logical language and that YOU can learn it. Arabophon has been teaching Arabic since 1999. We've gained a lot of experience in teaching both Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Colloquial Arabic. For Moroccan Arabic, we have developed our own dialogue-based language materials which are enhanced by audio and video support.

Which Arabic?

Modern Standard Arabic (Fossha)

is understood by every educated Arab in the World.
We offer a course "Easy Access Arabic" in which you learn to read and write the alphabet together with the first 200 words and basic grammatical structures.
It is not the grammar of Fossha but its wealth of vocabulary that puzzles Westerners. Therefore we offer courses in "Arabic Light", as some call the Moroccan version of Arabic.

Moroccan Arabic

takes about 80% of its vocabulary from Fossha, but uses a simplified grammatical structure. And, if you stay in Morocco while you learn, you hear and practice this language every day, and will acquire the vocabulary that you will need if you want to get deeper into Fossha.

Experience and Innovation

The Ancient Imperial City of MeknesMoroccans are welcoming to foreigners and encourage you if you speak only very little of their language. In many ways this is the perfect country for an immersion program of Arabic Study.
In 1999 Arabophon started teaching Arabic and developed its own modern manuals for Moroccan Arabic. We can offer you tailor made courses at any level to quickly learn Moroccan or Standard Arabic. We'd love to welcome you in our center in Fes or teach you through online classes

Contact us for any information you need and come visit us in the land of the nomads, camels, markets and tea ceremonies!